About Us, Genoatronics

Genoatronics designs and markets emergency charging solutions for mobile communications devices. Founded in 2012 by Wyskiel Technologies, a design and engineering services company, Genoatronics is committed to delivering unique and viable solutions for use by typical consumers in stressful and extreme conditions.

Solving a Problem for Mobile Users in Extreme Conditions

The recent effects of Hurricane Sandy highlighted the lack of a practical and readily available solution for recharging mobile devices. Widespread and often lengthy power outages created challenges for anyone using common, everyday mobile devices. Users stood in lines for hours to use scarce electrical connections in order to recharge a cell or smart phone. For those fortunate enough to have a mobile charging solution, it ranged from a small device providing perhaps up to 30-minutes of talk time to an impractical hand crank solution.

Introducing the EPlus™ - The Emergency Charger for Your Mobile Devices

Genoatronics has designed its first product to provide a charging solution utilizing household or even car or other vehicle batteries (AA, D, 6V, 9V and 12V). This allows a consumer to use available batteries from household items, camping and hiking equipment and even a family’s electronic games. Uniquely adaptable for practicality and ease-of-use, the EPlus™ is designed as a powerful emergency charger for most handheld mobile devices. The self-contained package contains lithium batteries in a AA battery holder along with cables and adapters for maximum flexibility and is an important addition to a household or business emergency kit.

Looking Ahead

Fundamental to Genoatronics’ vision is the integration of product design with leading-edge technology for high-quality, turnkey production. The company’s extensive design and manufacturing experience allows us to take advantage of the best available solutions currently in the market with the ability to quickly respond to future needs.